Single Review: “Hurricane”


777 days. Steadfast. Hurricane. Words that will forever mean the most to pianist, songwriter, producer, singer, and now, self-identified artist, Alex Marshall. 

Formerly of The Cab, today marks the debut of Marshall’s first solo release, his single “Hurricane.” After an incredible amount of hard work, determination, and pure passion comes a preview of music full of ensnaring beats, heartfelt lyrics, and a crooning voice to carry you away. 

A few weeks ago, Sierra and I had the opportunity to share in Alex Marshall’s very first album teaser–a listening party for the upcoming self-titled release. We were able to get up close and personal with Marshall’s motivations for each song, as well as behind the scenes tidbits. One such preview was “Hurricane,” and its picturesque, intense music video, which also debuted today. 

“Hurricane” tells the story of a toxic relationship that still makes you feel as if the whole world has fallen away–an eye of the storm, if you will. Its sound is both soothing and crashing, and as the video demonstrates, warns you to beware of the storm ready to pull you in. 

You can download “Hurricane” on iTunes or listen on Spotify.  Keep up to date with Alex Marshall on Twitter and Facebook, and be on the look out for details about his album release!


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