Feature Friday: Young Vincent

Young Vincent
Feature by Ellie Garno

It all started on my couch,” says the drummer of Young Vincent, Josh Walton.  He’s speaking of “Run,” that is, the newest single from the acoustic folk trio, which also includes Ryan Fellows and Tom Simpson.  Produced by Colin Leadbetter (Whitley and Katie Noonan, notably), the song tells the story, in retrospect, of a relationship that’s slowly falling apart.  Highly influenced by Angus Stone, Justin Vernon, and Neil Young, Young Vincent is for songwriters, balancing instrumentals and lyrics beautifully.  The Melbourne-based band releases “Run” in the buildup to their upcoming Australian tour, not to miss.

Like most folk songs, “Run” starts with a breath, a song (“run,” appropriately), and an acoustic guitar.  Lead vocals sing with warmth and ease, while equally ethereal background vocals lend color and harmony.  Things pick up about a minute in with the addition of drums, another guitar, and some strings; yet you’ll always hear the melody.  From then on, “Run” is bigger, similar to the sounds of Fleet Foxes, Half Moon Run, and fellow Melburnians The Paper Kites.  Whether you’re looking out from the southeast coast of Australia, it’s a summer song, so listen.


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