Feature Friday: West AM

West AM
Feature by Ellie Garno

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, West AM are the next band to watch.  Their debut single, “Honey,” which was released across all digital platforms May 6th, is as sweet as it sounds.  “‘Honey’ is about the desire for something other than what we have,” frontman Jordan Hamilton tells Audiofemme, who premiered the track.  “Hidden behind the behaviors discussed in the song is an inner search for peace, and I’m not sure if that’s a journey that ever ends.”

West AM looked to mastering engineer Ted Jensen (Coldplay, Arcade Fire, and Florence + The Machine) and producer Mike Arnoult in the making of “Honey,” the first song on your summer playlist.  In front of the sunshine-y guitars and synths though are lyrics that have to be darker.  For instance, Hamilton sings “It tastes like honey/come and feel like us” (which I’ve definitely heard at a bonfire or two) alluringly during the psychedelia-inspired bridge.  Sure, you can party to “Honey,” but it is ultimately more than that.  West AM continue to work on new music, but for now, catch them in and around Nashville with local favorites MYRRA and YØUTH.


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