Single Review: “Never Cared”

Eddie Prove "Never Cared"

Out with a new single from his upcoming EP Silent Love is Eddie Prové. Already praised to have vocal talent the likes of Sam Smith and Nick Jonas, and the musical genius of Frank Ocean, Prové is slated to play at BBC Introducing. He impressed with his first single, “Silent Love,” and is ready to make even more waves with the latest, “Never Cared.”

The song is slow but moving, a downbeat from Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me,” but a hit all the same. Prové has great control, both vocally and musically, living up to his hype. He also clearly puts raw emotion into his songs, something that could be amazing live.

Take a listen, and if you’re in the London area, see if you can’t check out Eddie Prové at one of his upcoming shows:
Saturday 23rd – READING – Are You Listening Festival, Purple Turtle – stage time 7pm
Thursday 28th – LONDON – Discovery Talent Night, 229 Club, stage time TBC
Saturday 30th – LEEDS – Live At Leeds Festival, Belgrave Music Hall, stage time 3pm


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