Feature Friday: The Hunna

The Hunna
Feature by Ellie Garno

Last week, we shared the music video for the new single “You + Me (Hunna Tree)” from The Hunna (four bouncing Brits?  A tree?); today, we listen closer.  The Hunna—aka Dan, Jack, Jermaine, and Ryan—are here from London and to have fun.  Their sound was sparked by “Bonfire,” which garnered praise from DJs Annie Mac, Huw Stephens, and Zane Lowe, as well as millions of streams.  Since then, The Hunna have been playing sold out shows all across Europe on a headlining tour that’ll bring them to the States this spring.  “You + Me (Hunna)” is an ode to the family and friends they’ve been making (and keeping) along the way.

“You + Me (Hunna Tree)” starts at one hundred (or should I say a hunna—jk jk) and pretty much stays there.  Throughout the song, The Hunna play a soaring melody and tenacious riff with an endearing air of confidence beyond their careers.  The chorus (“You and me/We were meant to be”), too, is an anthemic affirmation.  “It’s about us as a band,” says vocalist/guitarist Ryan Potter.  “Taking the negative things that people have said and sort of turning it around.”  Blast it in the sunshine and feel the energy.


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