Feature Friday: Zealyn

Feature by Ellie Garno

“Sleep on it,” they say, and they’re pretty much always right.  It’s the advice Zealyn gives on the second single off her debut album (“Talk:Listen” was released last month), Limbic System, due out this summer.  “Sleep On It” was written about the “moments leading up to an important decision” and, most of all, wanting more time.  Premiering with NYLON last week, the song marks a transition from pop to alternative for the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and was produced and co-written by Aaron Marsh of rock band Copeland.  Zealyn, aka Angie Miller, follows the lead of the female artists today—BANKS, Grimes, and FKA twigs to name a few—who are singing to the future.

“After three years of being a pop artist, I was craving more creativity in my music,” Zealyn, a former American Idol contestant, told NYLON.  “I wanted to experiment more and create a sound of my own.”  Sure, there are synths, the keyboard, and the bass drum, but Zealyn has low-key down.  Her voice floats effortlessly above chopped vocals and then goes up an octave.  The lyrics “Let’s sleep on it another night” are repeated over and over with a subtle aggressiveness, like a dream you just can’t shake off.


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