Women in Music: Sara Scoggins, host of idobi Network’s Let’s Talk Music

Sara Scoggins, host of Idobi's "Let's Talk Music"
Photo Credit: Erica Lauren

Like most of my friends, I can’t remember a time my life when music didn’t matter. It’s always been a source of inspiration, motivation and empathy. I was inspired to throw myself into the mix because I always felt like there was a place for me. It may not be on stage, but being part of the crowd felt just as important. Music needs people to champion it, talk about it, empower it, and I’ve always wanted to be that person. I love sharing music with friends and seeing an artist or band I love grow. To see a band have a career for several years and feel like I was part of that journey. That’s what I love about being part of idobi and having peers who feel that same connection and aspire to help acts grow.

I’ve also been lucky to find myself at fostering companies over the past six years who are willing to give me the space to cultivate my voice and perspective in music. That’s the best thing a young writer can do. Find your voice. Find out why you’re perspective is valuable and unique. There’s a place for anyone in this industry if they’re willing takes risks, have conviction in themselves and find their value.

I got my start at idobi because a peer of mine saw value in my voice; now go find yours.


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