Behind The Song: Vox Vocis – “Breathe”

AshlyNicolePhotography (1)

Brought together from all over Texas, the progressive rock band Vox Vocis has been together for the last four years, chasing their dreams in the Houston music community. The band recently released their debut, In The Arms of the Sun, on January 22 and have received several positive reviews and support.

We had the opportunity to catch up with the band and ask them about one of their favorite tracks, “Breathe.” Read what they had to say below.

When I look at it now, ‘Breathe’ is about the failings of over dependence. You can’t put all your expectations of happiness on another person.

Near the end of writing the album, I had ended a not so great relationship. My job at the time afforded me a lot of time to myself, and I was able to sit in my own mind and work through where I was emotionally. ‘Breathe’ was the result. It’s a picture of the ups and downs that come along with holding someone up to an ideal and putting them on a pedestal. The reality isn’t perfect, and disappointment will breed anger and resentment.

‘Breathe’ really flourished when we started recording. The further we went, the bigger the song got, and it all came together into this angry mess of rhythms and voices overlapping and fighting each other for dominance. Hearing all the harmonies sing out ‘something real’ for the first time was one of the best moments in-studio. It’s a monster of a song and definitely my favorite track on the album.


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