Behind The Song: Kate Copeland – “Freight Train”

Kate Copeland

Folk singer/songwriter, Kate Copeland, has announced the release of her new single, “Freight Train.” The track comes from her new EP, Red & Blue, which is following the success of her debut LP, Recollection Room, and is set to release this Spring.

Kate recently spoke with us about the honesty and meaning behind the single. Read what she had to say below and keep an eye out for Red & Blue.

“Freight Train is a song that explores the power of language – specifically in the context of a romantic relationship – and how words can be used carelessly to create false hopes and expectations. We know that actions speak louder than words, but words can be awfully seductive when they’re exactly what you want to hear. The heartbreak comes when the person who confesses their love for you turns around and behaves in a way that directly contradicts their alleged devotion to you. If you can’t trust the veracity of someone’s words, then you can’t trust the person, and this very quickly results in the breakdown of a relationship.

This song is also about the pain and confusion of falling in love with someone even though you realize they might not be a “good fit” for you. It is very hard to deal rationally with one’s own heart – sometimes it blindly leads the way even when part of us thinks it’s probably not a very good idea to follow it. Then all you can do is wait and see how the chips fall.” KC


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