Album Review: Into The Fire

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Richi Jones, singer-songwriter from the UK’s West Midlands, is blazing ahead with his new EP, Into The Fire.  After opening on tour for musicians like Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet) and The Carnabys, and gaining a steady following on YouTube, Jones is more than ready to debut his original music.

Into The Fire is a four-track EP full of incredible vocals and smooth guitar sounds that liken Jones not only to his personal influence Ray LaMontagne, but, dare I say it? the growing legends Ed Sheeran and Damien Rice themselves.

The first track, “Rewind,” is by far the most Ed Sheeran-esque.  It comes across a little more mainstream with a familiar sound, but that really only proves Jones’ obvious path toward success.  The song is easy to follow along with and fall into.  It is a versatile track, serving both the peppy and upbeat, as well as the romantic and lovesick.  “Rewind” is my favorite from the EP, and definitely fit to be a breakout for the spring.

Jones’ voice is beyond exceptional in “Birds.”  It is the most reminiscent of Damien Rice with its homey rasp.  It’s a song that permeates right down into your soul with the plucked strings and harsher anecdotes that resonate the truth of heartbreak.

The title track, “Into The Fire,” feels like an old folk ballad, just with modern references like cell phones.  It is a little harder to get into; unlike “Rewind,” it is the type of song you need to be in the right mood for.

The EP finishes up with “Under The Summer Sun,” another sure favorite.  Jones’ accent shines through in a beautiful way, accompanied by a soothing guitar melody.  It is the kind of tearful, upbeat love song that makes you believe in all kinds of magic.  It truly “rattles [your] bones.”

It’s hard to believe Jones is only twenty years old.  His vocals and heartfelt presence defy the fact that he still has much of his life to live.  Jones has been praised for his live performances, and it’s not hard to imagine why.  I can easily see him taking after the catching fire that is James Bay, just from the power of the guitar chords he uses so elegantly.

Definitely keep your ears open for Richi Jones in the future, and in the meantime be sure to download Into The Fire.


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