Behind The Song: “Drown” – Morgan St. Jean

Morgan St. Jean

Los Angeles-based pop/R&B singer-songwriter, Morgan St. Jean, releases her new single, “Drown,” the second of three stand alone tracks St. Jean will be releasing this Spring. Morgan gave us some insight into the writing process of “Drown,” and the meaning behind the single. Read what she had to say below.

“When I sat down with my producer and another friend of ours to write ‘Drown,’ I immediately began thinking about how the song should start. For me, I always like to start from the beginning and imagine a situation; remembering how things felt, and what I heard, and what I saw. I had a really clear picture in my head that I wanted to paint for the first verse. It was tense and heated and you could sense that everything was about to explode, but at the same time there was this sense of release. Once I had this image in my head, I knew the exact story that I needed to tell with this song.

‘Drown’ describes the moment that I gave up on a love that I thought couldn’t end. It describes losing yourself under the weight of someone else and realizing that you were wrong in thinking that you could ever save someone who never wanted to be saved.

This is one of those songs that, once finished, made me understand a lot of what was going on in my life. I’m really proud of this song and I hope that people connect with it and enjoy it!” –MSJ


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