Behind The Song: Marsicans – “Arms of Another”

Marsicans "Arms of Another"

Marsicans, the upbeat indie group hailing from England, are back with their newest single, “Arms of Another.” The single was released on January 29 alongside a music video premiere, and is the first in a series of releases planned for 2016.

We caught up with Marsicans to talk about the writing process and meaning behind “Arms of Another.” Read what they had to say below.

“‘Arms of Another’ is a song about the human need for intimacy, and how it can sometimes get us in to trouble -because no one likes sleeping alone.

The song follows a young couple who are, to put it simply, not very good at one night stands, as they embark on a drunken night of debauchery.
When writing lyrics we like to take our common experience – be it love, loss, or in this case lust – and create a narrative surrounding those feelings. We often begin with one line which is written independently to any musical context. This gives us an idea of the imagery/narrative and forms the basis of the other lyrical content. So here the opening lyric…
A Parisian parting of lips
Now he’s in the full swing of her pendulum hips
In industrial lights they begin to French kiss
He won’t be sleeping alone
…was the grounding for the rest of the story.
Musically, went through many different incarnations before arriving at its current arrangement. Something we like to experiment with is borrowing from other genres, sampling sounds that are synonymous with other styles of music and creating something new. Rob had been listening to a lot of modern dance music and brought a repetitive synth part to the table which we then incorporated into a more guitar-driven indie-pop song. We hope people like it.”

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