Feature Friday: Katy Carmichael

Katy Carmichael Feature by Ellie Garno

Her last words were: “I’ll always love you, even if you don’t want me too.”  I am not talking about the end of a young adult romance novel; rather, the brand new single from Katy Carmichael, “Seams.”  Born and raised in the City of Angels, 20-year-old Carmichael came into her musical own at college in Nashville.  There, she immersed herself in the diverse and dynamic music scene, and wrote and wrote.  “Seams,” the first track to be released off her upcoming debut EP, Stay Here (due out this spring), was premiered last week by Nylon, who are calling her “the hybrid of Daughter and Sarah Bareilles that you always wanted.”

A self-professed “confessional singer-songwriter,” Carmichael wrote “Seams” on the floor of her childhood bedroom shortly before the end of a relationship (and recorded it shortly after).  “I think that ‘Seams’ starts as a confession and morphs into a plea,” she says.  “One that I’m proud I chose to make.”  Carmichael captures the confidence and confusion of young love with lyrics like, “A couple of kids play pretend/And nobody blames them, ‘cause how could they know?’”  The background to her indie-pop soul vocals is a twisted piano/organ, which plays the same few notes throughout.  But the lack of catharsis is remarkably refreshing.  It makes honest lyricism sound all the more raw and real.


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