Feature Friday: WØLFFE

Feature by Ellie Garno

ClashMusic.com, website to popular UK music and fashion magazine Clash, premiered the newest single from pop-noir/indie-electronica artist WØLFFE, “Trouble Ahead,” last week with such dramatic descriptors as “gloriously noir,” “brooding, melancholic,” and “pop music.”  WØLFFE, of London, stepped on the scene with her self-released track, “Shoot You Down,” which now has over 60k plays on SoundCloud.  Soon after, she signed with Rocket Music Management (Ed Sheerhan, Empire of the Sun, and, oh yeah, Sir Elton John).  For “Trouble Ahead,” WØLFFE teamed up with producer Draper (Lapsley), mix engineer Will Hicks (Bastille, Ed Sheerhan), and mastering engineer Matt Colton (James Black, Metronomy), who helped her to channel the electronic sound of musical influences James Blake and The Weeknd.  With the indie stamp of approval from Hype Machine, Hillydilly, and Neon Gold, she continues to gain momentum toward the release of her debut EP this year.

The track opens orchestral, both digital and organic; also, it includes some horror-type wind chimes, which make a comeback at the end.  Then, WØLFFE comes in, far from howling.  The songstress/sorceress sings with strength and ease, but with that “crack” characteristic of pop vocals (think Britney, if she was an alto from London).  Foreboding background vocals (literally, “TROUBLE, Trouble, trouble”) lend to the depth of the chorus, while elements of electronica are throughout.  That is “Trouble Ahead,” for those who are into Lana Del Rey, Banks, FKA Twigs, or dark magic.



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