Feature Friday: EZA

Feature by Ellie Garno

This past December, one more song was added to the pool of our favorite covers.  “Burning House,” originally appearing on the debut album from curly-haired country singer Cam, Untamed, dropped through the creative sifter of EZA, reappearing in the form of an electro-pop ballad.  However, the roots sewn by Cam have not disappeared.  The untouched voice of singer/producer Aaron Krause (check the a cappella part, beginning at 2:57) lend to the vocals, including a chorus that has an unmistakably country lilt.  But glimmering notes of synth shift the cover to what would otherwise appear on the opposite end of the musical spectrum.

EZA is the tag name for 22-year-old Ellery Bonham, who, like Krause, hails from Nashville.  (Funny, Cam is the one from California.)  EZA released her first EP, Means of Escape, in July 2014; soon after, were singles, “We Keep the Lights Out,” and “Headlights.”  Collaboration with Krause on “Burning House” is another creative success for the rising young artist.  The two were haunted by the lyrics when they listened to the original and wanted to cover it because of their unfamiliarity with the genre.  “We were both so excited about where we thought it could go, and what we thought it could be,” said EZA to PopDust.  Evidently, there was no reason to fear.  This newly imagined take on a song that was recently nominated for a Grammy for Best Country Solo Performance is deserving of all our ears.


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