Behind The Song: Taylor Payne – “Outsider”

Taylor Payne "Outsider"

Australia’s Taylor Payne will be releasing her first single, “Outsider,” with A&R Department on December 30. Taking inspiration from the likes of The Cure and Florence and the Machine, “Outsider” maintains its upbeat playfulness, while also revealing dark undertones which depicts an image of mischief, madness and fun.

We had the opportunity to ask Taylor about the writing process of and inspiration behind “Outsider.” Listen to the single and read what she had to say below.

“The inspiration behind any of my songs always comes first from an energy that I’ve felt; whatever it may be from. Whether it be from another song, or a word or an action, anything.

What inspired me to write this four years ago was my detachment from everything and the need to always live on the edge. What it means to me now is that detachment is not always bad. I didn’t think this song was good at the time I wrote it, but we’ve resurrected it and I’m glad we did. I enjoyed recording this one, we took everything as it came and it all turned out pretty well. For instance, the song started out without a bridge but we decided that we needed one, so I wrote the bridge in the studio. I think the magical thing about this song is that it’s the first time I’ve ever really been satisfied with what I’ve written, and that means a lot. It means that when I play it live I probably won’t be complaining about how much I hate it.” – TP


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