Show Review: Pandora Holiday

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Last week Pandora Music hosted their annual holiday concert, this year featuring DJ sets from Cash Cash, G-Eazy, Panic! At the Disco, and Fall Out Boy. In a spacious venue with opportunities to play Guitar Hero, win prizes, and drink and dance the night away, Pandora had the perfect setup for their show.

Cash Cash got everyone in the mood as they put out jam after jam. The crowd was eating it up, just itching for the first act to come on. When it was finally time for G-Eazy, New York City was ready. The rapper took the stage with confidence and the night had truly begun.

G-Eazy sang from his recent release, When It’s Dark Out, feeding off the crowd’s energy and the theatrics of his own set. Though the songs were short, G-Eazy brought them life, embodying both beat and lyrics. One highlight had to be “Me, Myself, & I,” with Bebe Rexha coming out to support, thrilling the crowd with her harmonious vocals.

It was a tough wait for Panic! At the Disco as Cash Cash came back to keep us pumped up. Finally when Brendon Urie and company took the stage, there was nothing but life in the room. Crooning and seducing the crowd by just being himself, Urie quickly began to steal the show. His vocal range goes above and beyond what any average singer can do, let alone do live. And his instrumentals aren’t at all lacking as a result. Urie took up the guitar and even pounded out “Bohemian Rhapsody” for us on the piano.

The Panic! set was also one perfectly suited for all fans of the band, from the beginning of their tenure with “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” to “Victorious” and “Hallelujah” from their upcoming January release, Death of a Bachelor.  The entire band kept up the passion fueling a crowd that consisted of fans of all ages. But Urie was the driving force, with his gold blazer and his easy backflips on stage. It was clear he thrives on live music and it’s a genuine privilege to experience true Panic! At the Disco live. Even after nearly twelve years, the band is as strong and eccentric as ever.

After another intercession with Cash Cash, the crowd was beyond antsy for our main event—Fall Out Boy. And true to the holiday spirit, the band came out strong to the sounds of the Trans Siberian Orchestra’s “Carol of the Bells.” Another band thriving on nearly fifteen years of music (including their “hiatus”), Fall Out Boy had a full and diverse set, from “Sugar We’re Going Down” to “Immortals,” a song they wrote for the Disney film Big Hero 6, complete with clips from the film highlighting the background.

Inspired, or feeling the need to one up Panic!’s Queen cover, Pete Wentz threw Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” into the set, and the crowd ate it up. Patrick Stump was able to conduct a chorus of “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race” from the hyped up crowd. “Uma Thurman” and “Dance, Dance” channeled everyone’s energy, summing the night up with the crowd never ceasing to stand still.

A premeditated encore finished the night and sent us off into the warmth of December.

Pandora chose just the right acts this year, highlighting favorites from not only 2015 but also reaching back into the youth of many audience members, and it was clear Panic! and FOB were happy to oblige. Here’s to next year’s show!


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