Feature Friday: WYLDR

Feature by Ellie Garno

Music venue The Wayfarer in Costa Mesa, California will feature Los Angeles indie-pop band WYLDR every Monday during the month of December.  The space was formerly punk rock dive bar Club Mesa; then Detroit Bar, where O.C. heroes Cold War Kids, Young the Giant, and Foster the People got their start.  WYLDR was founded earlier this year by singer-songwriter Will Winters, who teamed up with musician friends Taylor Van Ginkel (guitarist) and Michael Matta (multi-instrumentalist).  Their residency at The Wayfarer preludes the release of a debut, four-song EP, Gypsy Queen, for WYLDR, produced and recorded by seasoned producer Mitchell Lee Krebs, as well as plans to tour and record a full-length album.

Recently, the boys of WYLDR came out with “Savage” and “Captive,” endorsed by The Line of Best Fit, Indie Is Not A Genre, Independent Clauses, and more.  (You can listen to either of these tracks now on Spotify, iTunes, or Soundcloud).  With Brandon Flowers-esque vocals, digital percussion, and synth-y backgrounds, together, the singles make a perfect pair.  The lyrics also tell a two-part story of unrequited love.  While individual highlights include the clean and clear melodic guitar heard on “Savage” and the techno opening of “Captive,” which sounds like the inside of a video arcade.  WYLDR is definitely worth a listen, but if you are in the LA metropolitan area, make it live.


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