Feature Friday: Joni Fatora

Joni Fatora
Feature by Ellie Garno

“You Make My Dreams:” a beautiful blend of synth and soul and token film and television “montage” song.  (The song was recently featured in a morning-after dance sequence in the 2009 rom-com-drama 500 Days of Summer, but check out this amazing mash-up for more.)  The first of a series of singles to be released this fall by indie-folk singer-songwriter from the BK Joni Fatora is a cover of the Hall and Oates classic hit.  “You Make My Dreams Come True,” however, is much more like “The Great American Nightmare.”

Fatora got her start back in 2012, after her vocals were featured in “Bullet Track” from producer Stephen Schwartz.  Thereafter, Fatora met Chris Petrosino and Rob McCurdy of Noise Club who produced her Blue Road EP featuring the single “Monsters;” she released her second, five-song EP, Navigator, inspired by her childhood at sea earlier this year.  Meanwhile, Fatora has heard nothing but good things from the blogosphere, such as “Fatora’s voice is soft as a cloud and sweet as sugar,” from HillyDilly, and “Fatora lays out lessons on ambition, love, loss, and identity, using only her voice and instruments,” from BuzzArtist.

“I wanted to take an upbeat song and see if I could turn it into something really creepy and full of longing,” says Fatora of her rendition of “You Make My Dreams” on Groundsounds.  “The words can take on a whole new meaning when given a different atmosphere to live in.”  Contextually, the lyrics are darkened by a dirty electric guitar and soft grunge vocals.  (“Oh that sleepwalk should be over right now,” sounds chilling—not cheerful.)  The 1980-original is also flipped upside down by a hard rock outro.  Stay tuned for more-a from Joni Fatora.


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