Album Review: One Direction – Made in the A.M.

One Direction releases their fifth studio album, Made in the AM on November 13

Their fifth album in five years. Even with the loss of the falsetto of Zayn Malik, and the impending “hiatus” following this new release, there is nothing but excitement surrounding One Direction’s new album, Made in the A.M.

The album has been teased and brilliantly marketed since the summer, with more and more tracks dropping in anticipation of the Friday the 13th release. Fans even got a few surprise videos and live performances. And it’s safe to say the album is a success. With seventeen songs on the deluxe edition, there will be plenty to hold Directioners over.

The album is a bit of a divergence from past records. The four lads have gradually taken a more mature tone in their music, and Made in the A.M. is no exception, if not the most grown up, laid back album yet. Songs like “Long Way Down” and “I Want to Write You a Song” provide more feeling in their ballad nature, as “Love You Goodbye” and “End of the Day” show a side of adult relationships that younger Directioners will likely not completely understand (and that’s ok).

The perfect mix of 1D swooning and dancibility are indeed “Perfect,” as well as “History” and “Wolves.”

The pure rock tracks, reminiscent of “Rock Me,” “Alive,” and “No Control” would have to be “Temporary Fix” and “Drag Me Down.” These are always an instant attraction, bringing energy to any One Direction album. They also make the argument showcasing their talent as not just singers but musicians, with the heavier instrumental focus. Particularly in the hands of Niall and his guitar, these songs help One Direction hold their own outside the typical boyband genre.

The real standouts on the album, however, are “Olivia” and “Never Enough.” If only for their exploration of sound and vocal range, these songs are noticeable. “Olivia” explores the lower octaves of each member, along with a quicker beat. It’s different but simple, and easy to follow along. “Never Enough” has a sort of Hawaiian or tiki underlay that is intriguing. Much like the uniqueness of FOUR’s “Act My Age,” “Never Enough” is a carefree exploration outside the One Direction box.

The album is sure to be a hit, as always, but not without merit. Once again One Direction proves they can grow, and they are just as excited to do so as fans are to continue to have them around.

Rating: 4.5/5
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