Single Review: Bohnes “Guns and Roses”

Bohnes - Guns and Roses

Alexander DeLeon is back. It’s unclear of the fate of his band The Cab, but after a year and a half without new music, anything is exciting. Returning as an alter ego, Bohnes, DeLeon has released his new single, “Guns and Roses.”

The song immediately gives off a Justin Timberlake vibe, one of DeLeon’s praised influences. There is the familiar twang from The Cab’s DeLeon, as well as his soulful, metaphorical lyrics. He has taken to the skulls and “bohnes” quite seriously, showing through both visually and lyrically. In many ways, the song’s atmosphere is reminiscent of The Cab’s last release, the Lock Me Up EP.

DeLeon says fellow The Cab mate Dave Briggs (drums) will be joining him with this new project. It’s certainly a change, but an exciting one we’re eager to see through.

Take a listen to “Guns and Roses” and keep your eye out for news from Bohnes himself on Twitter and Instagram.


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