Feature Friday: Meredith


Feature By Ellie Garno

This is an indie pop world of one-word named femmes dressed as contemporary witches we live in, but rising young Brisbanian Meredith is unlike the rest. On this Feature Friday, we give you the visually stunning new music video for the second single from the dark and wavy-haired songstress. R&B-minimalism sets the scene for achingly vulnerable vocals in “Levels”—on communicative complications. A follow-up to low-fi ballad “Jumpin’ Beds,” the release of “Levels” preludes upcoming singles, an EP, and a tour announcement from Meredith, all before the end of the year.

Both frilly and fascinating, the video explores the delicate dynamic that dictates female friendships. In the video, Meredith and her gal pal soundlessly go through the motions of companionship–at the thrift store, the tennis courts–all the while longing to reach deeper *~levels~*. Secret notes passed between the two are collected in a vintage crystal jar held in a room of vases filled with baby’s breath and a lone mushroom wall decal. “Ultimately, it’s focusing on all the little things we don’t say to each other,” Meredith herself explains—i.e. these seemingly superficial notes. The portrayal of women in the media is misleading, as we all know. Similarly, all girl squads are not created equal. (This irks me, personally, as I have always kept few close friends.) Props to Meredith for keepin’ it real.


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