Tuesday Tunes: Sleepless Nights


We all have those nights where sleep is just the furthest thing from our minds–or bodies.  The best way to combat those times are with the perfect song, of course.  Luckily, musicians are human too, so they’ve been able to channel all that energy into the lyrics and instrumentals of some great all-night anthems.  Here are a few of our favorites, from upbeat party tunes to those pining funks we all get in once in a while.

“Ghostwriter” – RJD2
“Nightswimming” – R.E.M.
“Love/Paranoia” – Tame Impala
“Shadowplay” – Joy Division
“Sun It Rises” – Fleet Foxes
“Zzzzz” – The Cab
“Up All Night” – One Direction
“Maybe Tonight” – The Summer Set
“Overnight” – Parachute
“3am” – Meghan Trainor
“Wildest Dreams” – Taylor Swift
“Love Will Keep You Up All Night” – Backstreet Boys
“When The Night” – St. Lucia


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