Feature Friday: Youth Allowance

Youth AllowanceFeature by Ellie Garno

It is widely believed that youth is eternal in music and art.  Take the self-titled, debut EP from Australian indie rock band Youth Allowance, for instance.

One year-young Youth Allowance has its roots in the live music scene of Brisbane, among such acts as The Jungle Giants, Jeremy Neale, and Hey Geronimo.  The boys of Youth Allowance teamed up with producer Yanto Browning (The Jungle Giants, The Medics, Yves Klein Blue) for Youth Allowance EP, a collection of four tracks showcasing their all-new permutation of pop.  A combination of syncopated rhythms, fast flurries of melodies, and disenchanted lyrics creates the sound that’s Youth Allowance—and youthful for certain.

“Come on lover, hang on tight,” echoes the voice of William Briskey (a mix of Brendon Urie of Panic at the Disco! and Sameer Ghadia of Young the Giant, amirite?) amidst a beachy guitar hook on the opening of Youth Allowance EP.  Vocals accompany instrumentals on “Hang On Tight,” because who needs choruses anyway?  Just the opposite is “Running,” the critically acclaimed first single from Youth Allowance.  Much like the rest of Youth Allowance EP, “Running” is infectiously upbeat, yet lyrically gray.  (A breakdown near the end captures the image of one who runs tirelessly without direction.)  Busyness is the name of the game for “Overthinker,” a ska-reminiscent ode to the workings of the mind.  Last, Youth Allowance finishes off with a strong bass game—and an even stronger message—on “Don’t Ever Want To Be You.”

If you happen to find yourself in or around central Brisbane on November 12, head over to Black Bear Lodge for the EP launch, with special guests Sans Parents and Dinosaur Dreams.


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