Feature Friday: Delamere

Delamere's single, "Heart"

Feature by Ellie Garno

If you live someplace where seasons are an actual thing, you likely look forward to fall.  I love summer too, but fall is hipper.  Much like the foliage that defines it, however, fall comes in many colors and shapes, each of which calls for its own music (and hot beverage, of course).  My sixteen days post-Equinox song choice: “Heart” by English band Delamere.

The boys of Delamere spent their summer playing singles “Bright Young Things,” “Headstrong,” and “Do You Want Me,” off this year’s Bright Young Things EP, at various festivals across the UK—including new and noteworthy Dot to Dot.  Hailing from Stoke in northern England, Delamere has already caught on in Manchester, Sheffield, and London.  Not surprisingly, with the attention Bright Young Things garnered from the likes of Artrocker, Louder Than War, and Backseat Mafia.  Delamere will return to the road this winter after finishing up their long-awaited debut album, which is expected next spring.  What are seasons to rock stars?

Fans might be surprised the first time they hear “Heart.”  From opening layers of percussive triplets to a fuzzed-out, slightly abrupt ending—the feel of “Heart” differs from the soft electronica of Bright Young Things.  “Heart” is best described as a catharsis.  The chorus, for example, is a release of distant vocals, space-y synths, and heavy drums.  Similarly, “Heart” is more instrumental than lyrical, although James Fitchford kills it on lead vocals.  Delamere is making a name for themselves as themselves, because “Heart” comes straight from the heart.


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