Behind The Song: Luxxe – “Entomologist”

Luxxe - Entomologist

Luxxe formed in October of 2014 and consists of Seth Smades (vocals, guitar), Devon Quartullo (drums), Nullin Hasan (piano, flute), and Tracy Haddad (upright bass). After playing music in various groups for several years, Smades and Quartullo decided to start their own project. Adding Hasan and Haddad as flautist and stand-up bassist, the foursome began creating their own brand of music. The group also won Warped Tour’s Battle of The Bands competition, earning them a spot at the Mesa, AZ tour on June 23.

The Phoenix, Arizona-based pop folk band recently released “Entomologist,” the newest single from their self-produced debut EP, One, which released this past August. Read what Seth had to say about the single’s inspiration below.

What inspired me to write the song was the first time I ever loved a girl. The process of writing the song itself took place over the next few years. I wrote the music first and as the girl and I got closer the words came next. There were about five different drafts before I was actually pleased with the flow of the song, which was about a year ago. The stand out moment in finishing this three-year puzzle was one Sunday when I was home alone, I set up a chair in the middle of the hallway and played the verse. I thought it was too repetitive. I played it till I came up with the second half of the second verse. Thus the song was complete. My favorite line is ‘let’s make the best of what we don’t know, let’s make it last, let’s take it slow.’” – SS


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