Feature Friday: LANKS

LANKSFeature by Ellie Garno

This week, we’d like to introduce readers to another hot new artist from down under: singer-songwriter and producer Will Cuming, otherwise known as LANKS.  LANKS’ debut EP Thousand Piece Puzzle gained attention from NME and Triple jJupon its release last summer.  A year later, LANKS has just finished touring across Australia’s East Coast, presented by Select Music and Mister Management, for the launch of a new EP, Banquet.  LANKS worked with engineer/producer Andrei Eremin (Oscar Key Sung, Chet Faker) to generate the EP’s uber-dreamy, synthpop sound.  Banquet features six tracks, including three singles: “Hold Me Closer,” “Settle Down,” and “Aurelia.”

“Hold Me Closer” opens with vocals and bass drum.  What more could you possibly want?  Things stay like this until about midway, when a wave of LANKS’ signature layers and textured sounds come crashing in: whiny vocal cries, distorted electric guitar, and atmospheric synths galore.  My favorite has to be the steady snare drum, which navigates in a sea of electronica.  Percussive touches—e.g. an acoustic “plucking” of sorts—can be heard in the ballad “Aurelia,” as well.  But LANKS’ latest single is a vocal showcase, first and foremost.  Cut from the same Navajo blanket as The Weeknd (PBR&B, Wikipedia tells me), “Settle Down” is part psychedelic, part smooth.  And then there’re the lyrics: “Settle down, / it’s only love.”  Right on.

LANKS is back in the studio again with new music coming early next year.  We’ll be waiting.  Many thanks for Banquet, LANKS.


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