Feature Friday: Young Poets

Young PoetsFeature by Ellie Garno

I like a lot of older, “dad-esque” bands, so “Australian indie rock band” had me thinking my musical soul was too old for this band.  I am happy to report back—in my first feature at Music Creates Us—that I stand corrected.  Young Poets may have restored some of my faith in the music of my generation.  The kids are, in fact, alright.

Singer/songwriter Tj Alcaniz formed Young Poets back in 2013 with childhood friend Jayden Reid (drums), Chris Hepworth (guitar), and Bryce Buxton (bass).  Alcaniz started the band so he could share the songs he heard in his head.  (What’s so charming about that? Just imagine his thoughts in an Australian accent.) Since 2013, the band has headlined shows all across Melbourne at venues such as The Esplanade, Northcote Social Club, and The Workers Club.  Young Poets recently hit the studio to record the EP, Crashes.  “Wanna Be Right,” the first of four singles off the EP, was released earlier this month.

On “Wanna Be Right,” the Young Poets are loud and unafraid.  The lyrics are about longing, and lust: “he’s right that she’s wrong, but he doesn’t wanna be.” The song opens like Nirvana, with a few strums of the guitar leading to a brief explosion of full-band sound.  Nineties grunge overtones can be heard throughout the rest of the song as well, making for a striking contrast with the overall straightedge vocals of Alcaniz.  And yeah, the “Wanna Be Right” is catchy; but it also rocks.


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