Interview: Aaron Krause

Aaron Krause

We’re kicking off the week with a new interview with electronic-pop artist and producer Aaron Krause. Krause hails from Nashville, TN and is excitedly preparing for the release of his new EP, Jade. We got the chance to talk to Krause about his new project, along with his latest influences and collabs the likes of Amy Stroup, Kelsey Kopecky, EZA, Liza Anne, and Erin McCarley.  Read what he had to say below!

First off, congratulations on the upcoming release of Jade! It’s received so many positive reviews so far, and “I Will Wait” is definitely our favorite from the EP. Which track is your favorite and why?

What a hard question!!  I think I’m gonna agree with you on that because “I Will Wait” is really the song that gave this project legs.  I had been questioning whether or not to release an EP this summer to tie people over until the next full length (which I’ve been working on all year), and “I Will Wait” sort of just happened!  It’s an older song, but once I figured out the drum groove and that main synth line I thought “This is a jam!  This project has to happen now!”

You talk about the song “Jade” coming from a change in your music.  Can you describe the process of recognizing that your music was changing?  Would you say you found it more scary or exciting?

It was really a result of reflecting on my last record “Holding On To Love.”  That record, in a sense, took my whole life to make.  I would say it was a reactionary record to where I’ve been.  Now I feel like I’ve gotten all this stuff out of my system, and I’m able to decide where I want to go.  It couldn’t be more exciting!!!

Where do you draw inspiration?  Are there any specific artists or situations in your life that have influenced your music?

Man, lately I keep coming back to these three artists: Sigur Ros, M83, and Drake.  I love sounds and textures so much and I’m fascinated by the sonics these artists create.  I love their approaches to rhythm and ambience.  They also contradict each other in a lot of ways.  I love experimenting with opposing genres in that way.  Hypnotic 808 R&B beats under a beautiful orchestral string arrangement.  Maybe a catchy ’80s synth pop melody in the chorus??? I could go on for ages…

It’s pretty unique that you are also self-produced. Can you tell us a little bit more about that process?

It’s basically about as neurotic as you could imagine.  Late nights… insecurity… overthinking… sometimes really powerful inspiration will strike though.  It’s such an abstract process that you go through a LOT of obstacles and negativity doing it yourself, but you also arrive at a really unique and intimate place.

You’ve also work alongside some talented Nashville artists like Liza Anne. What has it been like producing with other artists? Do you find that it helps your own sound?  

I love exploring other artist’s musical identities.  I learn from all of them.  Everyone has so much insight.  I think one of the coolest things about Nashville is this community that we all get to be a part of and genuinely inspire one another.

Do you have a favorite artist collaboration?

A couple of the covers I’ve done with Liza Anne have been so special to me.  Probably my favorite is a Prince cover & video we haven’t released yet filmed by one of my favorite videographers in town, Steven Alan.  The video turned out really beautiful and I can’t wait to put it out.

What’s next for you after the release of Jade? Do you have any plans to go on tour?

Yes!  Traveling up the East Coast in September after a hometown show in Nashville at Exit/In September 3rd.  Also heading out to LA in October meet with some TV/Film people and play my first show in LA!!  Crazy excited to be at Hotel Cafe on October 8th.

Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us! Anything else you’d like to share?

Of course!  I guess I’m just so excited to be releasing music again and I can’t wait to meet new friends on the road this fall!  I’m so grateful to anyone who takes the time to listen.


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