Behind The Song: Tangina Stone – “Wasn’t Love Cafe”

Tangina Stone "Wasn't Love Cafe"

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Tangina Stone recently released the new single “Wasn’t Love Cafe,” now available on iTunes.  Though a new artist, Tangina’s music has seen commercial success, with her music heard on Hollywood Divas and Love & Hip Hop. She’s opened for the legendary Carole King and has a local monthly residency at C’mon Everybody in Brooklyn. Tangina is currently in the studio working on the follow-up to 2014’s “The Fall” and prepping for her East Coast tour this fall.

The bittersweet love song speaks to learning what love is supposed to feel like, only after experiencing a “volatile, unhealthy relationship.” Read what Tangina had to say about the single below.

“Wasn’t Love Cafe was inspired by learning the hard way that love can be bittersweet. Sometimes we don’t know that until after we pull cupid’s arrow out of our backs and sometimes we just don’t want to know. In the case of ‘Wasn’t Love Cafe,’ I was inspired by those who have been in volatile, unhealthy relationships, and as a result now have a full understanding of what love is like when two people really love each other. Love should always be done wholeheartedly and be reciprocal in relationships. The first time I gave these ideas a lot of thought, ‘Wasn’t Love Cafe’ was born. It was written in fifteen minutes and the words came naturally because they were based on real feelings. My favorite line in the entire song is at the very end when the song is about to close. I sing the words ‘when they love each other.’ When people love each other, they usually treat each other better. This doesn’t even have to be a romantic relationship. We all are very good at treating each other like crap. Love however can stop this. Love can transcend the bullshit.” – TS


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