Feature Friday: Kimberly Anne

Kimberly AnneFeature by Emillie Marvel

We’ll take a guess and say your Friday probably needs some incredible new music to properly kick off the weekend. Are we psychic, you ask? No. Our Friday just needs new tunes, as well. We’re delivering just that with our latest Feature Friday!

Kimberly Anne is front and center this week, with her soothing indie-pop vibe and palpable honesty. Growing up in a household of every sound from Tracy Chapman to Jimi Hendrix, the songstress has had no problem bringing the best of every genre to her tracks with no restrictions. She proves her free demeanor and passionate performance simply with a description of her sound: “acoustic pop married to indie, whilst having an obsessive love affair with Afro/Caribbean and Brazilian rhythms.”

Intrigued? So are we. If you’re looking for more information on the London singer, check out her official website, or Facebook. And if you’re looking for a taste of her addicting sound, give her latest single “Bury It There” a try. Produced by Charlie Hugall (Florence & The Machine, Ed Sheeran) and Mark Crew (Bastille), the song tells a story of not finding a home in a place you wanted to live. See why we love it so much for yourself below, and don’t forget to catch Kimberly Anne on tour this October!


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