Feature Friday: Bitter’s Kiss

Bitter's kiss

Bitter’s Kiss is the indie pop creation of Chloe Baker, a young singer-songwriter breaking out in the music scene.  Baker is a New Jersey native, but her youth has been praised as an asset to her sound.  With youthful insight, Baker brings to Bitter’s Kiss a focus on life’s many experiences, from the brightest joys to the deepest sorrows.  Her delicate, yet quirky, and alternatively haunting voice captivates on her debut release, a full-length, self-titled album.

Bitter’s Kiss has a sound similar to the likes of MisterWives, a favorite of Music Creates Us, and an ever-growing act in the pop world today.  Baker fulfills a wonderful vocal range, something that makes her and MisterWives frontwoman Mandy Lee quite unique.  Baker’s instrumentals also balance out her sound, utilizing unique aspects of an indie/folk base that is both soothing and satisfying.

Finally, if Bitter’s Kiss’ sound doesn’t steal your heart, Baker’s lyrics certainly will (one listen to “The Rope” and you are sure to see the world differently). At times sweet, at times haunting, Baker brings to life real emotions, putting them in easy context, and pairing them with impeccable melodies.

Bitter’s Kiss has a show coming up on June 20 in New York, at the Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1.  If you are looking for the perfect laid back summer concert, I highly suggest you attend.

The album, Bitter’s Kiss, is available on iTunes here.


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