Single Review: Caity Krone – “Archipelago”

Caity Krone releases original debut, "Archipelago"Review by Bailey Garno

Music Creates Us was recently reached out to by a rising musician and fellow reader with the opportunity to cover the singer’s first original single.  Caity Krone, a Los Angeles native, is a reader of MCU and fellow Directioner, meaning yes of course we listened to her new single!  And man, are we thrilled we did.

“Archipelago” which was released via SoundCloud just last month, is sweet and upbeat, and a fantastic first release for this young singer-songwriter.  I really, seriously love this song.  Featuring drums, acoustic, and bass by James Hazley, there is an appropriately beachy vibe to “Archipelago.”  Krone’s own clear and pleasing voice will warm you up, as well.  With thoughtful and almost effortless lyrical work, you’ll be left wondering why Krone has been singing covers all this time.

Overall, “Archipelago” is a perfectly poppy composition for Ms. Krone, who has already created a bit of a following for herself on social media.  You can check her out on Facebook and Twitter; and it goes without saying that you’ll want to hear this single on SoundCloud, too.  Keep being talented, wonderful readers!


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