Feature Friday: Violents

ViolentsFeature by Bailey Garno

We love unique, musical projects here at Music Creates Us, and so this week we’ve selected a special, collaborative effort credited by songwriter and producer, Jeremy Larson. The project is titled Violents, and it is an ever-changing EP series that is the result of Larson’s work with a collection of talented female vocalists. Each new EP features a different female artist and four unique tracks that fit the ambient electric sound that is Violents. Most recently in the series, Larson worked in collaboration with Stacy King, from Sucre, to produce the fourth EP, Absentee.

This is not Larson’s first time working with King. Previously, Larson played in Sucre alongside King, and even after he split from the group, the two teamed up again to collaborate on Sucre’s last EP, Young and Free. Larson, who has previously worked with Mutemath, Switchfoot and Ben Rector—just to name a few—demonstrates that it’s an all-in-the-family sort of deal with his professional work, and this seems to pay off. Larson’s instrumental expertise in combination with the soft and beautiful vocals of Ms. King lend to a truly satisfying sound. Every track is complicated but clean, and the music feels like something pulled from the future.

The first and second EP in the Violents project, titled Blush and Red Lights accordingly, feature the wonderfully talented Annie Williams and were released in the latter part of last year. The third EP, Two Animals, features Estonian beauty Olga Yagolnikov and was released just this February. Now, as of just this Tuesday, you can hear Absentee on SoundCloud or at ViolentsMusic.com. All of the tracks are also available for download on iTunes, as well, and we encourage our readers to have a listen and follow Larson for his future collaborations.


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