Album Review: Start Again EP

Indie rocker YØUTH is ready to release his new EP, Start Again.  It features the single “Cold Sweat,” which MCU had the opportunity to learn about in a previous “Behind the Song” feature.  Julian Dente, the genius behind YØUTH, provided a pretty deep message with “Cold Sweat,” and his depth of insight continues throughout Start Again.

The title track, “Start Again,” has an ’80s rock sound to it, and Dente’s intonations instantly reminded me of The Maine’s John O’Callaghan.  I love the beat and the swell of the guitar, as well as the subtle piano background.  It’s definitely different from the rest of the EP, but then again, each song is unique, showing that YØUTH has quite the range.

Next comes “Cold Sweat,” YØUTH’s previously highlighted track of self-harm and the redemption from it.

YØUTH carries the indie, soulful melody of guitar and piano brilliantly in “Fallen Short.”  The music is crisp and clear, complementing Dente’s soothing voice.  The lyrics are immersive, pecking at your heart, willing you to dive into the emotion of the song.

“Breathing Easy,” a single released last year, has more of a rocker tone, with harsher sounds, and a more distinct beat.  It’s lively while still bringing out the emotion of regret and loss that YØUTH captures so well.  Dente’s voice is a little more raw on this track, making it not my favorite.  However, I am still drawn to the sound and message behind the music.

“Father” has a synthetic feel that matches YØUTH’s physical image.  Dente’s voice is again raw and almost mechanical, yet it still manages to fit with the melancholic feel of the song.  The guitar work is reminiscent of “Fallen Short,” and is the real standout of this song.

While Dente has a limited vocal range, his musical talent is beyond evident.  YØUTH has an eclectic indie vibe that works.  Dente brings something new with each song so they all stand out on their own.  If you’re looking for new, strong musicality in your indie playlist, definitely check out YØUTH’s Start Again EP, available for pre-order here.


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