Feature Friday: r e l

via Effectively Immediately
via Effectively Immediately

Feature by Bailey Garno

The new music video for r e l’s “Headed for the Sun” has been released via Baeble Music. The video, which features a kaleidoscope of colors and trippy shots, seems appropriate for the pop-synth song given its galactic references. The video was produced by Perpetual Productions and is a fluid storytelling effort that depicts two lovers who are, more or less, in different stratospheres at this point in their relationship. In a simpler form, they have a difference of opinion and are divided by that, but the comparison to space and facing different planets (literally) raises the stakes. I like this song, and you can listen to it while watching the official video on YouTube or baeblemusic.com.

r e l is the moniker for the young singer, Arielle Sitrick (see what she did there?). Sitrick established the band in 2013 with some fellow musicians backing up her vocals. Since its creation, r e l. has performed at Room 5, Genghis Cohen, House of Blues, and other venues around the Los Angeles area. Additionally, previous singles released that are featured on the upcoming debut EP have been featured in MTV Iggy, GMAD, and Crack in the Road.

The self-titled debut EP has been fully-funded by Kickstarter and is due out next month. The sound, a rep tells MCU, will be a mix of indie-pop and PBR&…B?

What exactly is PBR&B?

A little outside research told me that this is a new wave of R&B coming out of the indie side of the industry. The PBR bit actually does stand for Pabst Blue Ribbon, apparently the hipster’s beer of choice in the early ’00s, and it’s really just to denote the use of acoustics, rock and or electronic elements that have been added to this bluesy genre of music. Frank Ocean and The Weeknd are recent popular examples, but r e l—who is easily comparable to Lorde—would also be an appropriate example for the growing genre.

To hear this dream-pop beauty, check out her tracks complete with music videos over on YouTube and let us know what you have to say about the out-of-this-world single.


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