Feature Friday: WAVE & ROME

WAVE & ROAMFeature by Bailey Garno

Arriving at Music Creates Us from Nashville, Tennessee, is the indie-rock sound of WAVE & ROME. Led by Sam Tinnesz, WAVE & ROME has only just released the debut single “Across the Map” in anticipation of the EP that will crop up on the music field this summer. “Across the Map” is the product of a collaboration with co-writer and co-producer Josh Farro (Farro, Paramore) and has, since its original creation, been remixed by many deejays, including Derek Webb and Jeremy Bose. These new developments were ushered along with the help of Matt Bronleewe (Hayley Williams), who was part of the later production process of the original track. A link to the remixes can be found here, where you’ll also find the option to download what you like!

The upcoming EP will feature five original tracks that blur the boundary between genres. Listeners will hear the ebb and flow of string instruments, the powerful procession of drums, electro-synth beats, and the beautiful vocals of Tinnesz, all on this short track list. It’s the type of music that is transcending the prescribed genres.  It’s popularity continues to grow, especially as new artists strive to create original material that can reach a vast number of fans. Except Tinnesz is not new to the music scene. He has received plenty of credit in writing and producing, and has worked with artists like Young Summer, Farro, and Ruelle. You can even hear some of his work on TV—ABC’s Revenge, the CW’s The Originals, and STARZ’s Da Vinci Dreams have all featured Tinnesz’s handiwork.

WAVE & ROME’s debut EP will be released with UNSECRET Music this summer. Keep an ear out and in the meantime, enjoy a download of “Across the Map.”


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