Feature Friday: Sam Pinkerton

via sampinkertonmusic.com
via sampinkertonmusic.com

Sam Pinkerton is a talented singer-songwriter who made her way from Venice Beach, FL to Nashville, TN to really make a name for herself.  With a songwriting degree from Belmont University, a debut album (An Introduction), and now with the release of her new EP, A Story in Parts, Pinkerton is headed in the right direction for her desired success.

An Introduction–the perfect title–brought Pinkerton bursting into the music scene.  She received praise from noteworthy sources like American Songwriter and Wave Maker Magazine. In an effort to expand her repertoire, Pinkerton then set out on tour with Liza Anne, Corey Kilgannon, and The Aliza Carter Band.  Returning from these ventures, Pinkerton began work on her EP, which has been credited as a “gem” by When The Gramophone Rings.

A Story in Parts​ has six emotional tracks, or parts, each a separate entity that still manages to fit into a moving overall piece.  You can hear the heart and dedication in each of Pinkerton’s songs.  Her music is not only gifted, it is well crafted, and Pinkerton does an excellent job of guiding her listeners on a journey through emotions from sweet love, to heartbreak, to healing.  Pinkerton’s voice is captivating in that it allures, haunts, and soothes, classic tones in the indie genre that will continue to propel this young artist along.

To hear more from Sam Pinkerton, check out A Story in Parts, available here, as well as An Introduction.  You can see Pinkerton on tour this April; stay up to date with Sam for more details here.


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