Single Review: Marsicans – “Gone In A Second”

MarsicansReview by Bailey Garno

Hailing from North England, Marsicans have got a new single for listeners called “Gone in a Second.” The single combines clashing cymbals and an intricate guitar piece for an upbeat and fun song about…death? Making several references to passing time and, more obviously, the whole “gone in a second” bit, the indie-pop-rock single actually comes out of a much darker place for the bandmates. The song was written by James Newbigging, the band’s lead singer—also on guitar—after two of his grandparents passed away within a two-week time period. The song, rather than being a slow, quiet funeral tune, sounds more like a celebration. A celebration of life, no doubt, but at the same time Newbigging warns us of the dangers of taking life for granted. There is certainly a lesson to be learned when you listen to this one, but the band’s approach to taking on such a heavy topic is unique and sure to be appreciated.

In the first ten seconds of the song, I heard The Beach Boys. But then as the tune went on, we got elements of rock (think past Feature Friday group, Animal Years) and vocals that are comparable to Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend. Band member Matthew McHale unleashes into the drums and Oliver Jameson’s fingers move like lightening across the guitar. Also lending to this uplifting tune is Rob Brander, who is on bass and joins in on vocals.

The single was produced by Embrace’s Mickey Dale and will be released on April 18th in both digital and vinyl format. We can anticipate a music video to be released sometime in the near future as well, according to the band’s blog located at their official site. Check out upcoming gigs, their music, and more, and let us know what you think about “Gone in a Second.”


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