Behind The Song: “Home” – The Paper Shades

the paper shades

After the success of their critically acclaimed 2012 EP Where You Lay, folk-indie duo The Paper Shades have now returned with their latest double A side single “Home/Strong.

The duo, consisting of Jon Rixon and Sarah Dollar, have spent the last few years touring their new material in preparation for their debut studio album, due out later this year.

Read what Sarah had to say about the writing process and inspiration behind “Home” below.

“A simple set of picked chords were the start of ‘Home’, I wanted the vocal melody to be the main focus on this song. Lyrics were strange because they just kind of happened without me really thinking too much. Usually I’ll come up with a melody first then the lyrics will fit into that but for this song both seemed to come at once. Afterwards I remember thinking ‘did I just write that?’. I’d been doing a lot of soul searching and delving back into childhood trauma so I think the lyrics came from thoughts that had been dominating my subconscious at that time. The chorus of repeating ‘Home’ became a mantra of sorts, trying to find a ‘Home’ inside yourself where you can feel safe and secure. Our aim sonically was to create a song which evoked atmosphere and left space in between the melody and strong drum rhythm.” – SD


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