Behind The Song: YØUTH – “Cold Sweat”


Indie rock artist YØUTH, the moniker of  singer and multi-instrumentalist Julian Dente, has released the new single, “Cold Sweat.” The track is a follow-up to his first single, “Breathing Easy,” and comes from the forthcoming EP, Start Again.

Read what Julian had to say about the meaning behind “Cold Sweat,” and the importance of redemption.

“’Cold Sweat’ is a song about self-harm in different forms. Whether it’s substance addiction, bodily harm, isolation or mental degradation, everyone harms themselves voluntarily in some way. I wrote this song to recognize the ways that I do that both literally and metaphorically. This is not a song that wallows in despair, though. I hope to convey this: redemption is a choice available to everyone, just as available as the choice to hurt oneself. So in a nutshell, we all hurt, but it doesn’t have to stop there.” -JD


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