Feature Friday: Nalani & Sarina

Nalani & SarinaFeature by Bailey Garno

Nalani & Sarina are two sisters who are all about the good vibes with innate talent for musicianship. Hailing from Flemington, New Jersey, the pop/rock/soul duo is our next group to be featured by Music Creates Us. With news for a future EP set for summertime and the recent release of a fan favorite video, Nalani & Sarina take passion for music to another level.

Classically trained with a broad instrumental repertoire, Nalani and Sarina not only write every song they sing, but also play piano, guitar, and ukulele. The identical twins have been raised by parents with a keen sense of music and because of that, they take the stage with an effortlessness that is noticed by some truly talented musicians. Their last LP, in fact, titled Lessons Learned and released in January 2014, featured several well-known names in the music industry. Tommy Mandel (keyboardist for Bryan Adams), Will Lee (bassist on The Late Show With David Letterman), and Tom ‘Bones’ Malone (horns on The Late Show With David Letterman) were all collaborators on the LP, which featured 14 of their original songs. They have received praise from the likes of Sirius XM’s Dave Marsh and NPR’s David Bianculli among many others.

The new fan favorite video is a compilation of clips of the sisters performing together, as well as home video of their travels and precious toddler years. The music video is sweet and heartfelt and you get the sense that these sisters share the same soul. It features their track “Balloons,” heard on Lessons Learned, and can be viewed on their official site and on YouTube.

The video was released in anticipation of the new EP, set for June 2015. It will be titled Scattered World and will feature six new tracks. The track list consists of “We’ll Be Free,” “Scattered Girl,” “Runaway,” “Get Away,” “Love Who You Want,” and “Shadows in the Shade.”

Nalani & Sarina will be making stops around the Northeast including New Jersey, Pennsylvania and NYC. You can check out more of the stops on their official site and follow the girls on Facebook and Twitter. Check them out!


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