Feature Friday: Young Lions

Young LionsFeature by Bailey Garno

When you watch the black and white music video for Young Lions’ single, “When Will We Be Free,” you get the sense that these guys have got something to say that’s worth listening to. The nearly five minute flick depicts lead singer, Zach Britt, as a nine-to-five business man imprisoned by the monotonous chores of daily life. But as the song builds, fans watch Britt and his neighbors hastily strip themselves of the weight of living. The anthemic feel of this album is reminiscent of some 30 Seconds to Mars tracks, and it will undoubtedly lift all those who listen.

The Young Lions are a five-piece set from Brisbane that formed in late 2012. After some switching in and out of band members, the group finally settled and released Burn in October 2013 with Sonny Truelove of STL Studios. Led by Britt on vocals, the band is also comprised of Morgan Castle, Kyle Morris, Daniel Lechmere, and Matt Gibson.

Their forthcoming sophomore album, Blue Isla, is set for release on January 27th and has been fully crowd-funded. Fans can anticipate the same rocking Young Lions but with the expected maturity that comes with a second album. We should also keep our eyes and ears out for a headline tour, which the band has announced will be released soon. For more information on Young Lions, check out their Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and let us know what you think of the new single!


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