Single Review: Night Beds – “Me Liquor and God”

night beds
Review by Bailey Garno

Tapping into that repetitive and dark gloom characteristic of a drinking binge, singer/songwriter Winston Yellen creates “Me Liquor and God.” Hailing from Colorado Springs, Yellen produced this track in collaboration with the independent Tennessee label, Dead Oceans. Having premiered on Fader in early December, “Me Liquor and God” is morose and cold like metal; exactly what you would expect to get from a song with such a sinister title.

Vocally, Yellen reminds me a bit of Garrett Borns, frontrunner of BØRNS, who was one of our past features. Yellen has a lovely tenor voice, which is slightly distorted on this track. Occasionally, a female vocalist sings in canon in the backdrop, lending to a soft and haunting duet.

“Me Liquor and God” creates a hypnotic effect for the listener, one that is dense and fills your ears. Although it is undoubtedly soothing, the ominous lyrics ensure a discomfiting feeling for us by the end of the song. Find “Me Liquor and God” on iTunes and Spotify today.


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