Behind The Song: Jake McMullen – “Always”

Singer/songwriter Jake McMullen recently released his latest single, “Always,” from his forthcoming EP, set to release Spring of 2015. McMullen draws inspiration from Bon Iver, The National, and Ben Howard, and strives to create  honest and relatable songs.

Read what McMullen had to say about the writing process and inspiration behind this honest song, and look out for the music video soon.

“I wrote this song probably just a little over a year ago shortly before I moved to Nashville. During the last couple months when I was living in Los Angeles there were a lot of things in my life, whether that be people or just things I held dear, all of it just seemed to be dissolving from my life and leaving me behind. There was all this change going on in my life and I had no way of coping with it…or really I just didn’t know how to handle it in a healthy manner.  It all came on very quick; sort of hit me square in face and just started to weigh very heavy on me. I think it was not only the change, but also the way I was reacting to the change that bothered me. And so because of all that came this song. I wasn’t entirely sure what it all meant at first when I was in the song at the time, but looking back now it seems pretty clear what I was telling myself.” – JM


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