Feature Friday: In-Flight Safety

Feature by Bailey Garno

It’s been awhile since we ventured our way northward to find new music, but this week’s Feature Friday article has found inspiration in a band grown out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. In-Flight Safety is creating melodic rock on their new album, Conversationalist. The album was released early September in Canada and the UK, but was only dropped in the U.S. late October. The release marks the band’s first since 2009’s We Are An Empire My Dear, but music lovers can be happy for their return.

In-Flight Safety’s track record consists of two albums, and now the third being Conversationalist. Between the 2009 release of We Are An Empire My Dear and the release this past September, lead vocalist and guitarist John Mullane was composing film scores. Glen Nicholson, on drums, was studying architecture at school. The band also experienced a sort of revelation. Through some introspection, In-Flight Safety has emerged with a slightly new sound. Conversationalist is more dialed back compared to their previous two albums. But it is by no means dull. Mullane’s vocal talent is superb (is it just me—or does he sound like Chris Martin?). Additionally, the album’s first single, “Animals,” is catchy and uplifting.

In-Flight Safety has returned at full-force, with a 10-track album worth listening to and an international tour this fall.


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