EP Review: Hold Back the River

Hold Back The River

James Bay has made yet another splash with his new EP, Hold Back the River. The EP is steadily rising on the charts, and has garnered support and recognition from several top artists, the latest being Louis Tomlinson from One Direction.

The EP features three new songs and a live version of the title track, “Hold Back the River.” Bay’s voice is as strong as ever on this track. Its title instantly puts you in a rustic, lake cabin type mindset, making the song a bit more folky than what Bay is used to. The sounds are smooth and clear, though, and the steadying drums and guitar carry you easily along. The live version is a bit quieter, but the music and vocal talent are both there as Bay captivates his audience and proves he’s got considerable chops well outside the studio.

“Sparks” is more soulful and displays the raw heart of Bay. It is a more familiar sensation for Bay’s music.  It allows him to pour himself into the music, something that is very genuine about this musician. The electric guitar riffs are fantastic for complementing this sensation, as well.

“Wait In Line” is the delicate side of Bay that again draws out his heart and soul. The lyrics are deep and moving, but it’s Bay’s voice that steals the show on this one.

Without a doubt, the Hold Back the River EP would be amazing performed live. We’ve seen Bay work his magic on the stage (see our review here), and know that his new music will only further progress his career. I, for one, will be looking for the next opportunity to see the talented Brit, and encourage you all to do so, as well!

Rating: 4/5


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