Interview: Animal Years


We’re excited to start the week with a band that we have highlighted in the past and have truly come to love: Animal Years.  We caught up with the Brooklyn-based band to find out more about the recent shows they’ve played, including New York’s big CMJ Music Marathon.  If we’ve been successful in creating new Animal Years fans out of you, read below to hear more about what’s next for the indie rockers!

To start, can you update us on what the band has been up to recently?
We’re gearing up for our BK Bowl show and working on new material for a release in early 2015!

You’ll be playing The Brooklyn Bowl again in a couple weeks, and have graced several venues in NYC. How does it feel to have such strong support in your extended “hometown?”
It’s unreal. We are still a new band in our eyes so seeing fans come out to every show we’ve played has been amazing. We played a Rockwood Music Hall residency in September where the same fans came every weekend! We couldn’t ask for more.

You’ve also played a string of shows during this year’s CMJ Music Marathon. What was that experience like and what was the best moment of the festival?
It was a great experience all around. I think the best thing was playing in front of Adam Duritz in his apartment for The Outlaw Road Show. We love those guys!

It’s been a few months since the release of your debut album, Sun Will Rise. Now that you’ve had some time to perform most of the album, what’s your favorite song to play live and why?
I think “Rapture” is still a favorite. It’s tough to play the same thing all of the time but we do great 3 part harmonies there and strip it down so we can really hear each other. It makes us feel like we’re in an old folky band.

What themes and inspirations did you pull from when creating Sun Will Rise?
After 7 years of making music and failing, I had to create a mindset that one day things will work. Sun Will Rise was a perfect mantra. Basically I thought that if it didn’t work today I would try again tomorrow.

What’s next for the band? Any plans in the works for a full tour?
We’re making the trek up to Woodstock to record an EP of our best material. We’re working with the best and can’t wait to let you listen. No official announcements on touring but stay tuned!


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