Feature Friday: TWICEYOUNG

via Golightly MediaFeature by Bailey Garno

Having recently released their sophomore album, Prefer You, the Nashville natives TWICEYOUNG are on our radar at Music Creates Us. Floating around the indie pop/electronic genre, this three-piece offers a characteristically eerie synthesized, mixed with acoustic sound that seems totally appropriate as the end of the fall season approaches. Formed in the fall of 2012, TWICEYOUNG is made up of Tyler Laspopoulos (vocals and guitar), Zach Myers (drums), and Seth Lourdon (bass).

The first thing you need to know about these guys is that they like to give away their stuff…for free. Their ideology? Spread the music, share the love. So this is something all music lovers can appreciate and respect.

Something else noteworthy is the story behind the band’s name. In an interview with Noisey back in September, Laspopoulos admits that he drew his inspiration from his grandmother. In the final months of her life, Laspopoulos was by her side, listening to the crazy stories from her roaring 20s. The writer admits that he never did what she did and that “[she] was way cooler than [him].” The band’s name reflects this sense of nostalgia that was procured from memories that weren’t even Laspopoulos’.

With a dark, glittering sound and lyrics that’ll make you think twice, TWICEYOUNG is worth a listen. You can download Prefer You on iTunes or stream for free on blackbook.com. Enjoy!


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