Behind The Song: Busy Living – “Let You Down”

Los Angeles’ own Busy Living has recently premiered their debut single, “Let You Down,” which was produced by Spoon’s Jim Eno. The indie-pop band, comprised of Mike Moonves (lead vocals, guitar), Tim Hutton (bass, vocals), and Matt Leddy (keys, vocals), will be releasing more music later this year.

Read what frontman Mike had to say about the recording process and the meaning behind “Let You Down.”

“Let You Down” is a breakup song without the relationship. It’s about two people who feel very differently towards each other and how damaging that can be for both parties. For someone like me, it can be even harder to be the dissapointer than the disappointee. The guilt that went through my heart when this poor girl poured her tears out to me was almost unbearable. I thought that we had an understanding but people hear what they want to hear. Regardless of how many times I tried to explain that I wasn’t interested, she couldn’t accept it. So this song is an apology to her as well as a defense of my actions.

The recording process for this one was very creative and different from what I’m used to. I’m a bit of a planner. I like to have all of the pieces laid out before they’re put together. While I do enjoy a bit of spontaneity and improvisation, I like to know where the ship is going before I board. With this song, Jim (Eno) basically kicked me out of the studio while he and the other band members tinkered around with sounds and arrangements. I waited outside chain-smoking while they sequenced the drum machine and the live drums to meet in this perfect organic medium. I appreciated the tactic, as well as the results, and we really ran with it.” – MM


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